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Lola is dedicated to celebrate body positivity. We believe that all bodies are beautiful! We do this by offering free sportswear and swimwear for everyone to shine in, and by putting all kinds of inspiring people in the spotlight. Do you feel like you fit the narrative?
We are now looking for influencers, to test and promote our new clothing! By promoting our products in your unique way you can earn and be an inspiration to many. We are NOT looking for size 34 or something. We just want to add amazing people to our team❤️
Do you think this would suit you or a friend of yours? Boys or girls, size 34 or 46 we don't care! It's all about the person and the person behind it! FITS THIS YOU OR A FRIEND?

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 Send us the best version of yourself, make sure you show your unique skill. Be yourself, thats important to us :)!
For example;

* An idea or 
unique skills/trait of yours that could add something to our team.
* Where your from
* Your age
*Show your social media account
* How do you convey 
body positivity to your followers?
*What do you want to 
achieve with Lola? How do you envision the collaboration?
We still have a few spots available, so let us know as soon as possible! Please send all this information to our reply on the blog, we send you an email then :) 
We will reply as soon as possible❤️

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