Lola is looking for influencers!

Dear readers,
As you may know, Lola is committed to body positivity. We believe that all bodies are beautiful! We do this by offering sportswear in which everyone can shine, and by putting all kinds of people in the spotlight.
Now we are looking for influencers with clothing is looking for influencers of every shape and size. to test and promote our new clothing! Are you a tough woman who can take great pictures in our outfits? Then we are looking for you! By promoting our products in your unique way, you can earn nice bonuses and do nice giveaways and be a good example for many. Be yourself, that's important to us as Lola!
You can send your motivation, story and some photos for example to and we will contact you! State clearly in your subject that it concerns a collaboration.
To make sure that our goals and style are completely in line with yours, we ask you to give as complete a picture of yourself as possible. For example;
* An idea or unique skills/trait of yours with which you can add something to our team.
* How do you convey body positivity to your followers?
We still have a few spots available and have a 'first come, first serve' structure, so let us know quickly!
We are looking for influencers throughout Europe.

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