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Opposite day!

Opposite day! You know the feeling of being stuck in a routine, or a light rut? Especially in the winter months we sometimes feel at Lola that we are going into a bit of hibernation :) every day is like the previous one and that is not very motivated. Fortunately, it can also be different, that's why today is: Opposite day! Get inspired ;)! 1. If you're going to work-out today, try putting on completely different music than the one you normally listen to! Music determines the atmosphere, so if you keep going through the same playlist, it's not surprising that you stay in the same mood. Surprise your ears with something new! And who knows, you might discover a new cool style. 2. Fake it until...

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Busy busy busy...

While the world was closed I still felt some stress. I kept busy with my work, my studies and of course writing nice texts for Lola! ;) There is nothing wrong with being busy, but it is very important to take enough moments of rest for yourself during a busy day. Almost 30% of the Dutch suffer from complaints caused by too much stress. A feeling of stress can lead to sleep problems, poor concentration and ultimately a less healthy body! Nothing is better than feeling good about yourself, so I found some tips for myself to keep stress at bay. With a few small changes you can also spend your day completely zen! 

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