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Opposite day!

Opposite day! You know the feeling of being stuck in a routine, or a light rut? Especially in the winter months we sometimes feel at Lola that we are going into a bit of hibernation :) every day is like the previous one and that is not very motivated. Fortunately, it can also be different, that's why today is: Opposite day! Get inspired ;)! 1. If you're going to work-out today, try putting on completely different music than the one you normally listen to! Music determines the atmosphere, so if you keep going through the same playlist, it's not surprising that you stay in the same mood. Surprise your ears with something new! And who knows, you might discover a new cool style. 2. Fake it until...

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Happy New Year everyone!🥂 On the commercials of the top 2000, which were of course on in the days before January 1, people pretended that 2021 was a terrible year and 2022 will make all dreams come true. DISAGREE! 2021 was unique and also tough at the moment, but every year can feel like this… right? In the end, what matters is how you choose to deal with it! 2022 will certainly be the year when dreams come true, because we work for it ourselves! We don't make good intentions just like that, they can consciously and unconsciously lead you to the place where you really want to be. We can feel all the feelings that corona evokes with us...

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